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My Personal Medication Record My Personal Information Name Date of Birth Phone Number Emergency Contact Relationship Phone Number Primary Care Physician Pharmacy/Drugstore Pharmacist How to use this Guide Use this record to keep track of your medications including prescription drugs over-the counter OTC drugs herbal supplements and vitamins. Share the information with your doctors and pharmacists at all visits. Keep it always with you. Use a pencil* You should review this record...
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Music hello everyone my name is dr. channelcollagen pharmacist and founder of funon the farm welcome for those of you whodon't know who I am or what I stand formy fundamental belief is that the bestpatient is an informed and educatedpatient also known as patientempowerment this is what my brand fun onthe farm is all about this is what mypurpose in life is to empower you totake charge of your health throughlifestyle changes and medicationmanagement for those of you who visitedmy facebook page on on the farm lastweek I had on many posts aboutmedication errors about the drugs thatmost commonly called these errors theprevalence of these errors and theactual dollar cost of these errors myuncle is like are you running some kindof doing gloom campaign I'm sorry youguys I just thought it was important foryou to understand where healthcare isgoing and to become more knowledgeableabout the medication that you put inyour body this is what my job is my jobis to serve you as a pharmacist it's mymission and my professionalresponsibility to ensure that themedication you take are safe effectiveand with the increase of the controversyof the cost of health care andmedication to ensure that yourmedication regimen regimen is economicalso the next few weeks I'm going to besharing with you lot of free informationand you can use this information to makebetter health decisions regarding yourmedication regimenI've also purchased software that willallow us to have HIPAA compliant videosession during these sessions you canask me questions about your medicationany kind of drug interactions and sideeffects I want to share with you threethings today that you can use to empoweryourself as a patient number one youneed to have a personal medicationrecord accurate and complete list of allyour medications prescriptionnon-prescription vitamin supplementsinhalers I drop anything that you mightbe taking you need to have a personalmedication record use this record whenyou go to your doctor's office and ithelps your provider check for sideeffects and any adverse effects that themedications might be causing making surethat they're the right dose if you putyour name and email in the links belowthis video I'm going to email you a freetemplate of a personal medication recordprint it out print several out give itto your friends your family anyone thatyou think could use this information onthis list it has spaces for yours in thedrug name adults how often you take themedication the doctor's name and whatyou're using this medication to treat Ijust posted up right off the FDA onwebsite last week that sixty percent ofpeople cannot recognize that actualmedications that they take 2-3 times aday second takeaway we have to becomemore knowledgeable about the medicationthatwe take and the effect they have on thebody and a lot of this I bling on ushealthcare professionals doctorspharmacists nurses it is important tomake...